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Courses & Sessions

Wikreat academy's full time course is Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm. Students spend the first 12 weeks working in the classroom and the final 4 weeks in their programming internship.
We have had students hold part-time jobs while attending the lectures at wikreat academy. They tell us that it's not too bad if your work is on the weekend, but working more than one night per week is really tough. It is tough but possible.
Motivation, enthusiasm and the willingness to pursue the highest standards are far more important than academic qualifications or previous experience.

Registeration & Process

The course fees cover materials and the use of tools needed to complete the course
If you already own a computer and necessary software tools that you would like to bring please do, but we advise people not to purchase tools in advance of the course because: While at the Academy you will have the opportunity to try a range of tools and decide which are appropriate for you Instructors will advise on tool selection and use as part of the course
The academy offers a complete course for an average of 2 months officially.

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